When you enter Gordito's, you will feel an immediate sense of warmth. You'll get a warm greeting from the friendly staff and will also be bathed in a beautiful mural of the sun that fills the restaurant with radiant color.

Our team is committed to serving each customer delicious, authentic Mexican food. When you come in for lunch or dinner, you get more than a great meal. You get a unique dining experience that the whole family will enjoy. With over 40 years of experience in the restaurant business, you know you'll be treated to delicious food and top-notch customer service.

Sun mural inside Gordito's Mexican Restaurant
Exterior of Gordito's Mexican Restaurant
Sun decorations inside Gordito's Mexican Restaurant

The Thiel family believes that all food grown on this earth is from the sun, and so you will find this a common theme throughout the restaurant. David's brother also owns Sunburst Farms, and Gordito's uses farm fresh produce exclusively grown during the summer months from this local farm.

This guarantees that all of the ingredients in their food are of the freshest and highest quality.

All of the recipes used at Gordito's are unique to the Villegas family. The food is made with the same love and dedication now as it was in the 1920s and 1930s.